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ABOUT US                                          

The purpose of the Newsletter Ministry is to minister, inform, inspire and engage the Springfield Baptist Church members, guests, and community through the outreach and distribution of the Springfield Chronicles. We welcome individual news, such as, announcements, testimonies, poems, thank yous and congratulations as well as ministry news, such as upcoming events, activities, awards and conferences. Your information should be emailed as an attachment to newsletter@springfieldbaptistchurch.com or placed on USB or CD in the newsletter ministry mailbox.

We also welcome feedback and participation from the youngest to the more seasoned saints because we are committed to serving! Thank you and we looking forward to hearing from YOU!



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Newsletter ministry members and responsibilities:


  • Angela McCoy - Chair, Editor in Chief, Children's Activity Page and Website
  • Jackie Perry - Vice Chair, Upcoming Events, Pastor's Schedule, BET and Right Hand of Fellowship
  • Betsy Bell - CSI (Certified Saint)
  • Carolyn Dobbin - Crowned Jewel and Multi-Purpose Facility Updates and Progress
  • Tomeico Faison - Poet
  • Sandra Garris - Layout Editor
  • Johnny Moore - Poet
  • Monica Neal - Layout Editor and Event Highlights
  • Jackie Ray - Legislative Information