Building and Grounds Committee

The following schedule listed below will be used for each person to come in to unlock and lock the church doors on their specific Sunday. If there are any changes that need to be made to this schedule, please do not hesitate to contact Mortimer Leach or Jarvis Stokes
  Date   Responsible Person Support Assistance
Jul 2 Nathaniel Peeler Wallace Holland
Jul 9 Sylvester Williams  Claude Harris
Jul 16 Jerry Campbell  Warren Davis
Jul 23 Ted Savage Rodrick Coleman
Jul 30 Joseph Bailey Chris Battle 
Aug 6 Jarvis Stokes Jerry Pugh
Aug 13 Warren Davis  Jerry Campbell 
Aug 20 Jerry Pugh Jarvis Stokes 
Aug 27 Eugene O'Neal Joseph Bailey
Sep 3 Claude Harris Eugene O'Neal 
Sep10 Rodrick Coleman Ted Savage 
Sep 17 Joseph Bailey Gilbert Wiggins  
Sep 24 Wallace Holland Nathaniel Peeler 
Oct 1 Gilbert Wiggins  Joseph Bailey 
Oct 8 Eugene O'Neal Claude Harris 
Oct 15 Jerry Campbell Warren Davis  
Oct 22 Jarvis Stokes Jerry Pugh 
Oct 29 Jerry Pugh Jarvis Stokes  
Nov 5 Ted Savage Rodrick Coleman 
Nov 12 Warren Davis  Jerry Campbell 
Nov 19 Wallace Holland  Nathaniel Peeler 
Nov 26 Joseph Bailey  Gilbert Wiggins  
Dec 3 Sylvester Williams Claude Harris 
Dec 10 Chris Battle Joseph Bailey
Dec 17 Rodrick Coleman Ted Savage  
Dec 24 Joseph Bailey Chris Battle 
Dec 31 Eugene O'Neal Claude Harris

Support Assistance: George Lanier and Gilbert Wiggins