Working Together to Make a Difference


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The Springfield Baptist Church Laymen's League are a group of spiritually guided men that are very concerned about our male youth in our community. This is a male-oriented spirit filled mentoring program within Springfield Baptist Church, and to assist the church in cultivating our males in becoming productive citizens in their homes, church, schools and communities.

Purpose: Springfield Mentoring Program is to educate young males ages 13 to 18 and to provide them with the necessary values to prepare them for life so that they may grow into productive godly young men. Having the full revelation of Christ's mind in the Bible, we will address issues and concerns from scripture in the Holy Bible.

Program Provides:

  • Spiritual Direction and Counseling: Principles on how we should govern our lives according to scripture.
  • Touchable Role Models: Men who assist in developing a responsible and respected young adult male.
  • Education: Scripture study, Public Speaking, Academics, Drug Prevention, Peer Pressure, and Sexual Abstinence.
  • Sporting Activities and Outings: Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, Picnics, Sporting Events and much more!
  • Monthly Sessions: Once a month sessions at the church every second Saturday morning from 9:30am to 11:00am. During each session we will have a discussion. As a follow up, we will tackle issues related to the mentee's everyday lives and how to cope with them. Each session will begin with song, scripture and prayer.
  • Community Service: We will work with the outreach ministries within the church.
  • Parental Support: Provide parents support in difficult parenting situations. (ie. School visits, counseling sessions and discussions).

Goals for Mentees:

  • To encourage the development of Christian men for the years that lie ahead
  • To provide positive role models for young men who are willing to adhere to the goals established
  • To promote the development of spirit filled male leaders within the community